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RJHS Newsletter - Term 1, Issue 3


As a school we are aiming to be a high quality learning organisation in every respect. We are proud of where we have achieved as a school but always want to challenge ourselves to be even better. We know you, as our community wants this as much as we do.

As a large school we are an extremely complex and dynamic organisation so identifying what this quality looks like is similarly complex and dynamic. The changes we made last year to our learning programmes post-COVID were an example of us not always getting this spot on, whether it be the process or content. We are determined to this year focus on the stuff that we know makes the most difference to learning and do everything we do better and as well as we can. Our focus over the first part of the term has been on developing 3 key learning habits:


On Time, Ready to Learn

Effort & Engagement

We have been spending time as a staff sharing how we go about promoting high expectations in all of these areas with particular emphasis on our start and end of lesson routines. Our goal is to ensure these routines promote the clear communication of what the learning is and what it will look like at the start of the session and provide an opportunity for reflection at the end of the lesson. We want our routines to promote strong and positive learning focussed relationships.

While this is happening right now, we are also crunching the numbers from our achievement and progress over the last year. This will be used to identify target students, celebrate our strengths and allow us to further narrow in on what we can do to move towards the quality learning organisation we are aspiring to.


Video: RHS SPORTS DAY - 2021

Sports Day 2021

by Chris Scarlett

Our RHS Sports Day was held a couple of weeks ago and was a complete success.

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Term 1 Important Dates

Term 1 Important Dates & Teacher Only Days


Teacher Only Days Term 2 -

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Vaping & School

by Rototuna High Schools

From 11 November 2020 vaping was prohibited at all times in schools, kura kaupapa, kōhanga reo and early childhood centres (including our grounds and buildings).

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Leaving School Early

by Rototuna Junior High

Schools (boards, principals, and individual teachers), along with parents and guardians, are responsible for making sure students attend school regularly.

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by Rototuna High Schools

Schoology is the main platform we use to share learning resources and expectations with our students, and to communicate important information about day to day activities such as sports, arts and cultural opportunities.

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Disability Parks

by Rototuna High Schools

Disability parks at the school are not a quick drop off zone. These are for disability permit holders only. Please do not park in these spaces unless you have a Permit.

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PTA Annual General Meeting

by RHS

Our PTA AGM is set for Tuesday 23rd March @ 6pm @ Student Services (pending any Covid changes). All welcome.

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