Enrolments 2022

Senior High Enrolment for 2022

A reminder for any Year 10’s currently in the Junior High to please complete the google form on the RHS website (or see link below) to enrol for the Senior High in 2022.

The form is designed to be a simplified version of a full enrolment and is for Junior High students specifically. It does require a current Proof of Address as this is a requirement for all enrolments into the Senior High. Please email enrolments@rhs.school.nz if you have any queries.

We are excited to welcome our Year 10 Junior High students into the Senior High and look forward to working with the students in our transition programme toward the end of the year. We hope all of the transitioning students will be able to experience what their journey in the Senior High might look like at this time, however, only those students who have completed their enrolment will be able to be included in the transition programme.

Enrolment Form