by St Paul's Collegiate School

We farewell Roger Bell

Roger Bell leaves us to take on retirement after 18 years as head of biology at St Paul’s. He has also coached swimming, boys’ and girls’ football and been assistant housemaster of Harington Day House.

Mr Bell has a big heart and a kind spirit. His classroom has often become a calm oasis in a hectic school for students to rest, reflect and stay if needed. They have also enjoyed his storytelling style of teaching.

His caring nature extends to his colleagues ensuring on sunny sports days, teachers are sitting in the shade, have applied sunscreen and have their hats on.

Having been a teacher for 44 years, Mr Bell is reluctant to leave. We will miss hearing ‘hey dude’ and ‘hey bro’ as he affectionately greets his students, but we wish him all the best in his retirement. Farewell Mr Bell.