Parents' Association Luxury Experience raffle draw 2020 by Michelle Smith

And the winners are ...

Our Parents’ Association ran a luxury experience raffle offering three amazing prizes - a helicopter trip to Whitianga for a fishing trip, a weekend in the Hawkes Bay with accommodation, dinner and a BMW to get there, and a catered dinner for 10 in your home. The winners were drawn at our gala yesterday ... [drum roll please]

We are so grateful to the following raffle sponsors:

Porters Boutique Hotel, STIHL SHOP McLarens Rural ServicesPemberton HireCoombes Johnston BMW HamiltonPower Farming New ZealandEpic Adventures and Mum 2 Mum.

The winners were a grandfather of a Tihoi boy in Gore, a Hamilton House parent and a Sargood House parent

Congratulations to our three winners and thanks to all those who supported our raffle by purchasing a ticket.

Here are the results of the House Shout based on number of tickets sold:


Hall House – 80%

Heera Singh-Sandhu 70 tickets

Karson Smith 50 tickets

Jasper Thomas 32 tickets

Tihoi – 76%

Mollys: Jamie Carruthers 50 tickets

Franks: Harrison Ward 20 tickets

Gills: Blake Finlayson / Brodie Mclaren / William Smith 10 tickets

Hart: Jeremiah Pereira 30 tickets

Mortz: Zachary Keyte / James Milroy / Preston Sykes 10 tickets

Pollys: Hamish Boyd / Guy Charteris / Magnus Nelson / Ben Spring 10 tickets

Purple: Matthew Chawai / Seumas Eade 10 Tickets

Villa: Jackson Bayes / Conrad Jackson / Oscar William Lawson / Sam Nicholson 10 Tickets

Harington Day – 70%

Harriet Pearson 90 tickets

Kaley Caulfield 60 tickets

Hannah Finlayson 30 tickets

Harington Boarding – 67%

Poppy Collins 20 tickets

Dolce Kissling Hemsworth 20 tickets

Erin Summerell 20 tickets

Bree Ferguson 20 tickets

Sargood House – 63%

Una Fa’anunu 30 tickets

Hamish Riley 20 tickets

Hamilton – 58%

Niah Church Jones 45 tickets

Campbell Robb 30 tickets

Toby Robb 30 tickets

Fitchett House – 58%

Joshua Toon 20 tickets

Spencer Mexted 20 tickets

Riley Jones 18 tickets

School House – 58%

Braeden Currie 20 tickets

Oliver Hooper 20 tickets

Alex Hooper 20 tickets

Arjan Kang 20 tickets

Nikau Veitch 20 tickets

James Yearsley 20 tickets

Williams House – 54%

Finn Pryor 30 tickets

Kade Slade 30 tickets

James North 30 tickets

Clark House – 44%

Kieran Cox 30 tickets

Ben Brown 20 tickets

Riley Rolton 20 tickets

Congratulations Hall House who enjoyed pizza and donuts before the Carols Service on the last week of school.