Thomas McAdams by Supplied

Cyclists compete in NZ Schools’ Northern Tour

Over the 8th and 9th of September, Thomas McAdams (Year 11) and Riley Wills (Year 9) competed in the NZ Schools Northern Tour in Auckland. Comprising of an individual time trial, hill climb and criterium racing around a short fast course amongst a crowd of spectators.

Thomas rode well on Saturday and made the A grade for the criterium on Sunday. At the conclusion, he came 24th overall in the A grade.

It was Riley’s first time in the competition and he narrowly missed the cut-off on Saturday and raced in the B grade for the criterium. In a fast race, with a lot of attacks, he had to avoid two crashes and did well to finish 3rd overall in the B grade.

Both riders did well across each of the events and came away with valuable experience racing in stiff competition.