by Rachel Fitness

St Paul's shoots and scores

The St Paul's shooting team attended both the South Island Secondary Schools’ and National Clay Target Shooting competitions recently.


Students performed well in the south island competition. 

In the single rise Dylan Woodhouse and James McLanachan both came away with 19/20, while Jonathon Porritt, Stanley Meyer and Taotahi Te Ua all scored 18/20.

Overall the best scores went to Dylan with 57/60 and James with 56/60.

Dylan and James also scored 9/10 in the single barrel, which was the final event of the day.


The national competition was held the following day. 

Best scores in the single rise went to Dylan and Taotahi with 20/20. 

Stanley Meyer scored 57/60 in the points competition and Jonathon Porritt and Dylan with 10/10 in the single barrel.

In the shoot-off for medals, Taotahi placed 8th and Dylan was placed 9th in the single rise.

Jonathon and Dylan were placed in the top 25 in the single barrel.

Louise van Bysterveldt was our lone competitor in the women’s skeet competition and placed 4th with a score of 20, missing a medal by one point.

Unfortunately we were unable to gain a medal this time, but individual shooters gained some strong places in a very strong field of over 320 competitors.

Thanks go to coach and manager, Mr Ian Campbell for the huge effort that he has put in over the duration of the season.