by Waikato Times

Celebrating 60 years with legacy projects

To celebrate the school's 60 years, we have put together some legacy projects that celebrate our school's history, special character and connections with the school community

Historical Timeline

The Marketing and Collegians office have designed and installed an impressive 25m graphical timeline which highlights the school’s history and milestones through the decades. The timeline includes global and New Zealand events to give the timeline perspective to school events. It has been installed on the southern wall of the sports centre.

Heritage Trail

Fifteen significant historical sites around the school have been identified and signs will be placed in these sites describing their history and relevance to the school today. These signs around the school will form a self-guided heritage trail. Nine of the 15 signs will be installed before the reunion and the rest installed before the end of this year. Feel free to wander the school looking for these signs.