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2018 - a massive year for scholarships

Scholarship is the most demanding and prestigious of secondary school examinations and is sat in subjects studied by the candidate.

In 2018, 19 senior students (including four Year 12s - Alice Cao, Jana Stokes, Victoria Tucker and Simon Han) achieved 46 single subject scholarships between them, of which seven were outstanding scholarships. In 2017 we gained just 28 scholarships, while our best ever results prior to this were 47 in 2015 and 43 in 2012.

While the number of scholarships gained is absolutely pleasing, even more so is that three of our senior students (including 2018 Dux Alice Cao) have been named as “top scholars” in New Zealand, having achieved five scholarships and being ranked in the top 56 academic students nationwide who undertook these most prestigious of examinations – the other two students were Tony Wu and Conor Horrigan. Tony Wu’s results ranked him an impressive eleventh best candidate in the country.

The full set of results was as follows – Note that (O) = outstanding scholarship:

Divakrin Naicker - Biology, Chemistry

Temwa Chileshe - Digital Technology

Briana Cardon - Geography, History, Physical Education

Conor Horrigan - English (O), Art History, Media, Classics, Physical Education

Genevieve Scott-Jones - English, Geography, Classics

Alice Cao - English, Biology (O), Chemistry, Physics, Statistics

Jana Stokes - Agriculture/Horticulture

Dylan Woodhouse - English, Geography, Classics

Toby McDonald - Chemistry (O)

Tony Wu - English (O), Art History, Media (O), Geography (O), Classics

Priya Singh - Agriculture/Horticulture

Rachael McLanachan - Biology

Joseph Harris - Statistics, Geography

James Sandford - Geography, Physical Education

Raymond Chen - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics (O)

Madeleine Gordon - History

Anna Hamilton - Music, Geography

Victoria Tucker - Spanish

Simon Han - Chinese, Calculus, Geography