by St Paul's Collegiate School

Garage sale items wanted

We have changed the date of our Community Gala to Friday 6 November from 3.30-6.00pm.

This event is being led by year 13 students David Koshy, Phoebe McColgan, Ben Scanlon, Kaley Caulfield, Lachlan Coleman, Luke Finlayson, Sarah Wikaira, Sophie Stocker, Stark Sun, Ben Littlejohn, Thomas Dela Rue and Matthew Forward.

The main purpose of this gala is to celebrate being able to come to together as a community since Covid-19 … but we also hope to raise funds to support our local Fairfield and Bankwood Primary schools. The Gala will offer a range of activities for primary aged children, a talent quest, food stalls and a monster garage sale all at a low cost.

How might you be able to help? We would be grateful for your help with the following:

Monster Garage Sale items

In order to create a Monster Garage Sale that is bigger and better than ever, we need good quality second-hand goods such as unused/unwanted clothing, books, small appliances and household items. These items can be dropped off and placed in the container that sits next to the Collegians' Pavilion. This container is open each weekday from 8am - 7pm. If you wish to access the container in the weekend, please make contact with year 13 students Stark Sun or Ben Littlejohn 

Recycled or brown shopping bags

We need loads of bags for the garage sale. If you have excess recycled or brown paper grocery bags, we would be grateful to take these from you. Please drop into the school office.

Parent support

As with any event such as a Gala, we would love the support of parents in key roles such as helping in the Monster Garage Sale, setting up gazebos and collecting money on the night. If you are able to assist, please email

To ensure we can keep the price of food and activities as low as possible, we are seeking sponsorship opportunities for your business to be involved in the Gala. We would love to hear from you if you can help. Please contact for more information.

Thanks for your support