Olivia Kelly, Charlotte Kelly, Ella Catherine Wither and Haylee Kelly with their display by Isla Huffadine

Library News

We have enjoyed a wonderful start to the year in the library. I have particularly enjoyed getting to know our new Year 7 students. Their enthusiasm for books and reading is fantastic and their wonderfully voracious appetite for graphic novels inspired me to stock up on some new series and titles. I am so pleased that many of them have chosen to become librarians and I look forward to working with them in the months and years to come.

A group of keen Year 7s were the first students to take up the challenge of becoming curators for our new little art gallery/museum. They arranged an Easter scene that brought smiles to many faces and displayed impressive creativity. I hope that more students will become curators of our tiny space and use it as a way to share their interests and inventiveness. Anyone is welcome to participate and I am always happy to purchase supplies and props.

Image by: Isla Huffadine

This year I am aiming to support our students who love writing by inviting an author to the library every term to give workshops. We were pleased to welcome the amazing Kathryn van Beek in March as our inaugural visiting author. Kathryn gave a workshop on writing short stories with the idea that the students who participated would be able to complete a story and enter it in a competition. The students appreciated her depth of knowledge and the resources she shared and we would love to have her back again someday.

I wish you all the best for the upcoming holidays. Remember to check out our extensive eBook and audiobook collections if you want something new to read or listen to on those family car trips. Our Wheelers platform is easy to navigate and here are the instructions in case you cannot remember your user name or password!

Happy reading, Ms Bouffard.