Board of Trustees

This is my final report as Chair of the Board of Trustees. It has been a privilege to serve in this role, but with the youngest of my daughters having now left the school the time seems right to move on. I am pleased to advise that the role of Chair is transferring to the very capable hands of Richard Hutchens, with Mike Christie acting as Deputy Chair – a very competent duo, well supported by the balance of the Board.

Serving as a member of the Board of Trustees has been an enlightening and enriching experience. There is so much more to running a school than most of us have the opportunity to see. As a Board member not only do we contribute to the governance of the school, but we also gain an insight into the dedication and commitment of staff. From my close quarters observation our girls are exceptionally well served by the staff of St Hilda’s. Led by the incomparable Jackie Barron and the senior leadership team, our staff are the absolute epitome of Can Do and Better Together. It is little wonder that our students perform so exceptionally well academically, culturally and on the sporting field with the staff they have supporting them. Perhaps even more importantly however is the care taken by staff to equip students for life – helping students to learn what means to be resilient, to navigate life’s ups and downs and to learn that failure is only ever a stepping stone – not yet doesn’t mean not ever. In many ways I feel that I have learn these things alongside the students, as I have navigated the Chair’s role.

Subject to confirmation as to process, the gap left on the Board by my departure will be filled by selection with the next highest polling candidate at the last election taking the spot. It is fantastic to see people so keen to serve the school in this way and I am grateful to every Board member I have served with for their commitment and dedication to the school. I have learned a huge amount working alongside you all.

I will leave St Hilda’s with a very soft spot in my heart for all it has taught me and my girls. It is an outstandingly good school and I am grateful my girls had the chance to attend here. I hope you all feel the same way when your girls eventually fly off into the world (in my case very literally) and you realise the school (and you as parents) have indeed given them wings.