by Isla Huffadine

Uniform Change Update

In 2019 we began the process of reviewing our current uniform. This was in response to feedback from our two previous Health Community Consultations, where it was signaled that parents and students would like their uniform to be more comfortable, easier to move in, allow for diversity, and also afford students some choice. Parents also asked for uniform items which could be easily laundered rather than dry cleaned, and items at a more reasonable cost.

With these points in mind, we have spent significant time working with uniform providers to develop a range of uniform items to meet this brief, while still looking like a coherent and smart uniform that students, parents, and staff can be proud of. It is 42 years since our uniform last changed and we are aware of the need to get this process right.

All parents were invited to be a part of the Parent Advisory group to give feedback on the uniform changes and this meeting was held two weeks ago. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with the return to the traditional grey and blue tartan for the senior skirt, and the retention of our blue blazer, particularly popular.

We presented the uniform samples to the junior students in Assembly last week and collected their feedback. We have asked the students to help us with the design of the t-shirt/casual top, as this is the item that parents feel we have not quite gotten right yet. Students have been asked to create their own casual top designs that met the requirements of the brief which was shared with them in Assembly and to submit these for consideration by the end of Term 2 Week 1. We see this as a positive way to involve the students in the process and to allow them to display their creativity and design prowess.

The Board of Trustees signed off on the production of the two fabrics being created specifically for us this week, as illustrated in the photograph below. Production will now begin on this fabric allowing us to generate samples in the correct materials for our next consultation. It is important to note that our current summer and winter kilt fabric is no longer in production.

Image by: Isla Huffadine

We will introduce the new uniform for incoming Year 7 and Year 9 students for the start of the 2022 school year. Existing students will be able to continue wearing the current uniform until growth or wear requires them to change, or their parents decide to buy the new items earlier than that. We will have a period of time where the new uniform is phased in and the old uniform is phased out. This will be a gradual change and both uniforms will be fine during this transition period. The length of this transition period is yet to be decided.

The new uniform range will consist of:

  • Pinafore
  • Senior skirt
  • Long pants
  • Culottes
  • Summer blouse
  • Long Sleeve blouse
  • Short sleeved casual top (still being developed)
  • Long sleeved casual top (still being developed)
  • Cardigan
  • Current Blazer

Students will be able to mix and match these items for everyday wear. Please note that students will not be required to purchase all items. There will still be a formal uniform for important occasions which will include a pant option as well as a skirted option for diversity and this formal uniform will be compulsory with all other items optional.

We believe that the proposed items meet the brief given to us for greater diversity, comfort, ease of movement, choice, decreased cost, and washability, while still providing a smart, unified, and easily identifiable uniform that our students can be proud to wear into the future.

We will provide further updates and seek feedback again once we have the item samples in the correct fabrics, and we begin to make decisions on the finer details. There will be an invitation to a further consultation opportunity which will again be extended to all parents once we have these samples to hand.