Maia Lamb by Isla Huffadine

Meet the Prefects

Maia Lamb - Arts Prefect

Before coming to St Hilda's, I attended a small primary school on Forbury Road called St Burnadettes. I loved my time there and got to explore so many different parts of learning. By the time Year 6 came around I was ready for a change, so I decided to go and have a look at the St Hilda's Open Night to see what the school was all about. As soon as I stepped through the arch I instantly knew that this was the high school I wanted to go to. I remember being amazed by the talent in the painting and photography rooms, eating some delicious cupcakes from the foods room and getting involved in the dance class workshop. When the time came to leave the open night I remember saying, “Mum, Dad I want to be a St Hilda's girl”. So I was absolutely ecstatic when I got the news that I had been accepted to start in Year 7.

I am now well into my 7th year here and have experienced so many amazing opportunities, such as camps, exchanges, school productions, and built amazing friendships that I really cherish. One of my favourite things I have been involved in at St Hilda's is the Aerobics team. I first got involved in the sport at the very start of Year 7 and have been in love with it ever since. St Hilda's has given me many opportunities within my sport, such as national trips and training workshops with ex world competitors that I am really grateful for. The part that made me love the sport so much was the family environment the whole team has. The sport is built on student help and coaching, meaning that as a little Year 7 I built relationships with with older girls in the school and still have friendships with many of these girls today. It also gives older students a chance to give back to the sport and take some leadership in coaching younger girls, which I have been doing since Year 10 (loving every moment of it). This sisterhood that is created at St Hilda's is one of my favourite things about our school.

The opportunity to be an Arts Prefect at St Hilda's has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. I work alongside Ella Smillie and we are both mentored by Mrs Parsons, who has been a massive help throughout our roles. I wish her luck as she goes on maternity leave at the end of this term. I have learnt so many new skills already in my time within this role, such as, communication skills, how to work in a team to accomplish big goals, how to manage my time effectively and so much more. These are all skills that will prepare me well for life after high school. I couldn't be more grateful to have had the opportunity to learn this through a role in the school, that I have been looking up to since I started here at St Hilda's.

As my time at St Hilda's is coming to an end, I am starting to explore different options for what I would like to do next year. I am currently looking at going into the Product Design course at the Otago Polytechnic, but am also keeping Industrial Design at Massey University in Wellington on the cards. I’m super excited for this massive change in my life next year and can’t wait to put all the tools St Hilda's has provided me with to good use.

But before I think too much about jumping into next year, I look forward to the fun that the rest of this year has in store for me and my amazing year 13 cohort!