by Sharon Beaumont

International Department

This term has been a busy one academically for the girls and has left us with less time to get out and about, but we managed to squeeze a couple of things in.

The senior formal is always a treat. It was so lovely to see the girls all dressed up in their glitz and glamour and enjoying a fun evening at the Otago Museum.

Ploy and her partner managed to scoop cutest couple, who can argue with that, so very cute!

With mid winter upon us the girls enjoyed the Christmas themed day at school and a midwinter Hotpot treat.

A Hotpot consists of a hot soup that you then place ingredients of your choice in to cook. A great social event that goes on for hours and was enjoyed by all, even if we may have over indulged.

With a holiday activity planned we are all looking forward to a break, recharging the batteries and getting ready for whatever term 3 has in store for us.