by Isla Huffadine

The Sports Department

Like many of us, we will probably look back and ask where Term 2 has gone! This term is all about getting winter sports up and running and now we are halfway through everyone’s season.

Sports competed in this term have been Hockey, Netball, Football, Basketball, Curling, Rugby, Clay Trap Shooting, Badminton, Ice Hockey, Cross Country and Swimming.

Erin and I enjoy getting out and seeing our students participate in many sports. It is still important that as a Sports Department, we emphasise to our students and parents about over committing and load on their weekly trainings and games. As a school, our wellbeing goal is to ensure that all students can keep up with academic requirements, as well as any sport and cultural activities. An easy rule to remember is that fitness/training and game requirements should not exceed the athlete’s age. As we come into an even busier Term 3, please communicate with your child around their balance of school and sport commitments and check that they are coping with it.

For those in the rugby circles, you will know that the SHCS rugby teams are taking part in a concussion study. Players have been fitted with special mouth-guards that collect data around head knocks and the impact of this. As a school, it’s great to be asked to be part of vital research on concussion - as not only in Rugby, we continue to see our athlete’s on the wrong end and see the effects that this can have on their school life. Again, we ask that all students be honest on injuries and if these occur during a school game or training, that this is reported to the Sports Department, Tolcarne or Mrs Madigan.

I am looking forward to what Term 3 will bring. The school will come together in the 3rd week with our annual swimming sports as well as our sister school Winter Quad exchange in Christchurch, and many teams heading off at the end of August for tournament week.

Enjoy the holidays, Rachael Parker

Sports Prefects - Brooke Callon & Brooke McAlwee

Term two has been jam-packed with summer sports finishing and the winter codes beginning. Participation levels remain high and we have had some outstanding results across the board. This term Brooke and I have had a focus on targeting different audiences in the school, through lunchtime and before school activities.

During the term we had our annual school Cross Country through Ross Creek, which was a fun outing. Havelock took out the overall win followed by Wellington, then Nelson and Lawrence respectively. House spirit was at an all time high and students of all abilities enjoyed participating, whether they ran competitively or not. We’re looking forward to the school swimming sports which will take place in the fourth week of next term, as well as the cheerleading performances that the Year 10’s put together.

Term two has consisted of weekly fitness classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. We’ve been running a HIIT Grit cardio class from Les Mills on-demand, as well as a stretch, strength and mobility yoga class. We are extremely grateful to have our new P.E teacher Ms. Kat Harpur running our Friday lunchtime class, as she shares her expertise as a yoga instructor. We have had a fluctuation of numbers in these classes throughout the term and will continue to offer a variety of exercise options in Term 3.

We have been working on different ways to increase the physical activity participation levels in the school. A new initiative run by the entire prefect team to do so has been the, 'Teacher vs Student Games'. So far we have had bench-ball and table tennis, with the teacher team taking out both events. Fingers crossed the students step up their game in Term 3 and can level out the scoreboard!

This has been a busy term and we are excited to see the girls' hard work pay off during Winter Tournament week in September, as they get to the crunch time of their seasons. We also look forward to seeing as many girls out there as possible, maintaining our high participation levels no matter the ability.

Thank you, Brooke and Brooke