SHCS Parents and Friends Committee update

The St Hilda's PFA held its AGM on Wednesday 7 July and would like to advise the election of the following committee positions:

President - Roberta Lawrence

Vice President - Linh Ashton

Secretary - Jenny Wagner

Treasurer - Leanne Wright

Board of Proprietors Reps* - Andrea Chisholm & Sharon Fulton (*BoP Reps were voted in early 2020 for a 3 year period)

The committee would like to extend it's thanks to Nicky Aldridge-Masters, the outgoing President. Nicky has held this role for the last year, having been a member of the PFA for 5 years. She will remain a member until the end of the school year.

Welcome to the new members that recently have joined the PFA!

The next PFA meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 18 August, 7pm in the school Library. If you have any questions you can make contact through: