by Isla Huffadine

Physical Education and Health Department

Year 7 PE – Cadyne Geary

The Year 7 group have been exploring different sporting and team-based activities in the context of the Olympics Games. They have focused on working as a team, showing the Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence.

We have just finished their fitness module, where they were challenged to establish new personal best achievements. They have now started their swimming module, where they will work on improving their confidence in the water.

Year 8 PE – Nigel St. Louis

This term, we have finished our international sports section and have begun looking at big ball sports, such as football, basketball and netball.

We have recently completed the swimming module and have now begun a fitness module. This looks at different aspects of fitness and gives them an opportunity to complete a variety of fitness challenges such as the Moana Pool run, prone hold, vertical jump and more.

Year 9 PE – Nigel St. Louis & Shannon McNatty

This term, the Year 9 classes finished their sport education unit and have begun Nga Mahia te Rehia, traditional Maori games. This includes some games involving rakau and poi.

The module classes have also moved on to the next topic in their rotation of swimming, gymnastics or fitness.

Year 10 PE – Shannon McNatty, Kat Harpur & Nigel St. Louis

This term we have been looking at mindful fitness. This is about examining different aspects to fitness and hauora, and having an awareness of where your body is at. The unit includes some traditional St Hilda’s fitness activities, such as the Moana Pool run, as well as activities such as yoga.

Year 11 PE – Shannon McNatty & Kat Harpur

Our Year 11's demonstrated exemplary skills in their unit focussing on improving their performance in Volleyball. The unit culminated in a class volleyball tournament where some impressive techniques were displayed. To celebrate the hard work we visited LEAP and Clip and Climb as an introduction to understanding how the body works in performance of a physical skill. Next term we will focus on learning anatomy, physiology and biomechanical principles. These fundamentals will be applied practically throughout the course through Volleyball, Basketball and functional movement.

Image by: Isla Huffadine

Year 12 PE – Shannon McNatty

The Year 12 group are currently looking at methods and principles of training as they work towards running a 10km race. In preparation, they have begun a range of training sessions as well as several class runs each week. This term the class completed a biomechanical analysis of basketball shooting, with further reflection on this learning process in their game play.

Year 12 Outdoor Education – Bee Bradfield & Nigel St. Louis

We have now finished Outdoor Education for the year with a very enthusiastic group of students. There were some challenges with the weather, but a fun time was had by all!

Year 13 PE – Kat Harpur

Our Year 13 PE class has been absorbed in critical reflection on current issues in sport, taking varying perspectives and debating their views. This has been balanced with the physical component of the course, where the students have been taking initiative for facilitating their own gym sessions, testing Ms. Harpur's fitness levels, drilling the Year 9's and taking part in some mindfulness exercises to balance end of term stress! Next term we will be analysing a physical skill performed by students and applying biomechanical principles to improve on the skill.