by Olivia Bates

Pobble 365 writing fun!

Room 5 have been utilising Pobble 365 to engage us and motivate us for our writing. It begins with a weird, wonderful and/or thought-provoking image to inspire us to write.

Story starter

Suddenly, the wind gusted and Sammy was lifted higher and higher until his owner Beth could hang on no more… “Owwoooooooo!” yelled Sammy, as the world below him drifted further and further away. Up…Up…Up…He went, until Beth was just a tiny dot; an ant far beneath him!

He was on his own now.

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Flying dog

The weightless dog was floating in the cloudy sky. The dog felt sick and terrified. Beth was confused and lazy, well not doing anything about it.

The helium balloons were beginning to pop frightening Sammy. He was worrying and clueless in no action of what to do. All he could see was little fire trucks with ants exploding out of them. Sammy was about to reach the clouds when “POP” the second last balloon was drooping down his face now knowing that there is only one more balloon to go.

He was now reaching the clouds debating whether to jump on the clouds or fall and pray someone would catch him. With seconds before the last balloon pops he leaps like a gazelle over to a bed sized cloud, with a soft landing.

Who knows what Sammy’s going to do next?

To be continued . ..

By Evie

Dog Mayhem

The confused dog started to float high into the cloudy metallic sky. The nauseated dog was feeling distraught. Beth the careless owner was shaken and confused. Suddenly Beth's arm was twisted and the lead broke! Beth’s dog was now gliding slowly upwards towards the fluffy white clouds. Beth felt sick with worry. She was mesmerised as her struggling dog was pulled away by a gust of wind with the balloons blowing behind him. 

However her dog, instead of looking frightened and distraught, but happy and his tongue sticking out. Beth was startled when she looked up and saw her dog now twenty meters high and fighting a flock of ferocious looking birds, with a sudden pop, and balloons exploding everywhere her dog was falling…

Beth felt something large and heavy fall on top of her and she knew it was her dog she only had one thing to say: “next time i'll have to use a stronger lead!”

By Mason Hall