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Hagley News - April 2020


The Tuku Aroha quilt, representing living together in a harmonious community

A Year Like No Other

by Mike Fowler

Some might say that the saying: “Experience is the worst teacher – it gives the test before presenting the lesson” seems to be relevant to us, as our nation and the world square off to face Covid-19. If we were to believe this saying, none of us have ever experienced anything like this Covid ‘test’, therefore we lack the experience to inform how we should respond. I disagree – we have plenty of experience to draw on which stands us in good stead.

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Student Wellbeing Support During Self-Isolation

by Rowan Milburn

You will have been inundated with how to best get through these difficult times and I don’t intend to complicate things with more advice. In the nature of keeping it simple, here are some options for supporting your young person.

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Close up of the design from the Tuku Aroha quilt, inspired by Ai Weiwei's footprint flag

Tuku Aroha Quilt

by Rebecca Jones

On March 16th we unveiled the Tuku Aroha Quilt in commemoration of March 15th 2019. Last year was the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but it will live in our memory for the outpouring of love and compassion, as well as bringing together of people from diverse backgrounds into one community.

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Learning and Assessment During the Lockdown Period

by Marie Stribling

As you will know it is now school holidays for the next two weeks. We want all teachers and students to take a ‘brain break’ from teaching and learning so that we can all return feeling refreshed on Wednesday 15 April.

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Keeping Your Bubble Running Smoothly

by Michael Gilchrist

This is a message wishing you well from our counselling team at Simpson House to everyone within the Hagley community.

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Staff Profile: Nadeeka Idamegedara

by Ros Jackson

Nadeeka Idamegedara is a mathematics kaiako at Hagley College and moved to New Zealand from Sri Lanka in 2007.

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Year 9 Enrolments for 2021

by Suzanne Waters

While navigating our new "bubble" lives, we've also been planning a new approach to Year 9 enrolments for 2021.

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Year 9 Beach Day

by Bridget Fairweather

Beach Day for Year 9s was fantastic. The sun tried to come out and the students seemed to have a great time in and out of the water.

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Kete Wana Choices for Juniors

by Suzanne Waters

Block 2 choices for Year 9 & 10 students' Kete Wana courses are coming soon.

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Wheelers ePlatform - Books Are Available Now!

by Liz Jones

At this time when you are all spending a lot more time at home, the Library’s Wheelers ePlatform has much to offer.

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Year 13 Tourism Class Visit

by Maria Pilkington

The 13TOU class visited the Christchurch International Airport on Monday 24th February.

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