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Newsletter Week 2 Term 3

Great start to this terms learning focussing on Well-Being with visits from sports stars Gemma McCaw, Emma Twigg and well-being coach Courtenay McCulloch. The children have been inspired and some great messages were shared.

We had a great turnout for our Mihi Whakatau today welcoming our new families including several international students. It is great to have you all here at Halswell School.

Urzila Calrson Comedy Night is tomorrow (Thursday) it will be a great night out. All funds raised are going towards tiered seating for the stadium. Have you got your ticket? It's not too late email now.

The main article in this newsletter has really important information on the teachers' claims for the Collective agreement including information on the Strike on the 15th August. Further information will be coming out on Friday.

Thanks to those who are using the drop and go area properly it does speed up the process. Traffic around school is very heavy please continue to be vigilant. It is often quicker to park and then walk into school utilising the crossing than waiting to turn out of Larsens road.

2019 Start date is Monday 4th February.

In our next newsletter we will be asking for feedback on our new communication processes adopted at the beginning of this year. Your feedback will be valuable as we continue to refine our communication channels please look out for this.

Although we are only just over half way through the year we are already starting to think about 2019! In week 4's newsletter we will be starting to collect information on children who are not intending to return to Halswell School in 2019. Knights Stream School opening, people moving around the city and country,  as well as other choices being made on schooling all impact on staffing and classes, the earlier we get this info the better decisions we can make. Please look out for the form in week 4 if your child is not returning.

Enjoy the last month of winter.

Rob Naysmith

Associate Prinicpal


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