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Volume 27/Issue 3/2020



by Fiona Sherwin

As I write, today on the 11 May, the New Zealand Government announced that the COVID-19 limitations are to be further reduced from Level 3 to Level 2.

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Guidelines for Contributors

by Stimulus

Stimulus welcomes the submission of material for Publication.

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A Beautiful Light: An Aesthetic Reading of Isaiah 60–62

by Ryan Lang

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A Pandemic, Science, and Faith

by D. Gareth Jones

From the perspective of a biomedical scientist, the COVID-19 pandemic raises questions about the relationship between science and faith.

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A Gift of Friendship

by Michael D. O'Neil

At the beginning of lent in 2020 I began an Ignatian retreat-in-daily-life, using the First Spiritual Exercises developed by Michael Hansen.[1]

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Pastoral Considerations for a Pandemic

by Tanya Wittwer

“Providing pastoral leadership in a pandemic” doesn’t appear in the handbooks of our seminaries and colleges.

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by Miriam J. Fisher

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Rhythm and Redemption: Lessons from the Monastics about Life in Confinement

by Thomas Kimber

From the outside, the monastery may seem like a prison.

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Coping with Coronavirus Disappointments: Five Lessons from Dietrich Bonhoeffer

by Brian S. Rosner

A version of this article was published on the ABC Religion & Ethics website, Monday 30 March, 2020,

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What to do with the Stranger?

by Wendy Taylor

Change has accelerated in our globalised world.

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Reading Philippians in a Pandemic

by Derek Tovey

In recent weeks, I have been reading through Paul’s letter to the Philippians. It is interesting how our current context, living as we are through a global pandemic of COVID-19 and its effects, influences and affects the way that this text speaks.

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Pastoral Care from Prison

by Geoff New

On Monday 23 March, the New Zealand government announced that the country was in Alert Level 3 and with forty-eight hours’ notice, would go to Alert Level 4.

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Why Did Luther Not Flee From the Deadly Plague?

by Nathan Runham

Martin Luther lived through the plague. He did so because he deliberately chose not to flee from it. Unlike the COVID-19 pandemic that we face today, the Bubonic plague that Luther endured was an epidemic.

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ST Imulus: Friday Drinks

by Stimulus

TGIF (with a nod in the direction of the Throne Room, because it was the Boss who created Fridays in the first place); it sure has been quite a week.[1]

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“For such a time as this:” A Clarion Call in a Time of Crisis

by Tekweni Chataira

Esther 4 is a sad chapter.

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Understanding the Pain of Identity Loss Brought on by COVID-19 Through the Lens of Genesis 3 and 11

by Alan Stanley

COVID-19 has stripped many of us of all but essential needs.

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Structured for Mission: The gift of COVID-19

by Rosemary Dewerse and Ruth Osborne

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic the temptation could be to “pour energy into obsessing how to change structures and remake institutions.”[1]

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Cyprian’s Response to an Epidemic

by Sean du Toit

Societies of the first centuries of the common era were no strangers to epidemics.[1]

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