Old Boys Newsletter December 2021

1972 3Li....

An Old boy recently asked us about any information we had on naming his classmates back in 3Li. We have some of them and their contacts but we would love to add more and hear about what these boys are up to. We have listed their names below please let us know if you can name more, can fill in contact details or fill us in on what they are up to.
   1972 3Li  by PNBHS

Douglas A Akula

David A Blair

Peter Boniface – Auckland University ?

Kevin Burnett – 

David Cameron –  PN. 

Juan A Cooper

Tony R Cooper

Donald B Cousins –  Bunnythorpe. 

Barry P Cross – Coffs Harbour

Greig Dean – 

Greg M Doolan – Australia

Philip J Fleming – Sydney

Bernard D Foley – Medical Consultant in Auckland

Peter M Jameson

Bill J Kermode –Auckland

Stephen H Little – Deceased

G Jamie McNaught – 

Nicholas J Mayo

Andrew P Naylor – Fiji

John P Osborne – working for Higgins in Napier

Chris Pike – deceased 2021

John R Plummer – Production Manager at Cerebos Gregg’s Ltd?

Ian M Richards – Author Fiction and Non-fiction

Andrew J Shouksmith – 

David J Signal – 

Brian S Speirs – Wellington. Senior Analyst – Information Systems at beef and Lamb NZ?

Peter D Tennent – Devon Hotel New Plymouth

Colin R Timms – Australia

Michael A Tunnicliffe

Timothy R Tyler

David G Watson

D Neil Wedlock –

Lester D Wong –  PN, Physiotherapy 

Christopher Wright –Zurich

Please email oldboys@pnbhs.school.nz with any information you can add.