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March 2020 Newsletter

Kia ora Koutou.

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2020 and for those students and whanau who are new to the school, it is wonderful to have you as part of the Riccarton family. Already we are at the halfway point in the term and it is amazing to see what has been achieved in the first few weeks of the year including:

Our provisional statistics from NCEA in 2019 are once again a cause for celebration, particularly when you add in the scholarship exams which saw scholarships awarded to;

Across all 3 levels of NCEA in 2019 there was an impressive number of high achievers with 200 students awarded either a merit or excellence endorsement. 

Overall statistics also continue to track above those for decile 4-7 schools throughout New Zealand despite the figures under NZQA’s reporting system now including everyone who is with us for at least 70 days whether they are doing a full NCEA course or not (for example, many of our English Language Learners are not entered into a full NCEA course for obvious reasons).

Finally, a reminder about our Learner Hui on Tuesday 10 March

Under our new whare structure in 2020 this is an opportunity to sit down with your child and their whanau teacher and not only discuss how things have started for them this year but also to have conversation around goals for the remainder of 2020.  

Check out the link to ‘School Interviews’ in the email sent to you. We look forward to seeing you there!

Neil Haywood


Riccarton High School Library

by Sally Blake

Our school library is like no other, it is a public library as well as a school library and open to everyone, students and families.

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Upcoming events

by RHS

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Learner Hui - next Tuesday 10 March

by Carole Lake

A reminder that the Learner Hui is being held on Tuesday 10 March, from 8:30am - 6:30pm. All parents/caregivers are invited to attend a 20 minute interview with their child’s whanau teacher.

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Video: Gala Day Highlights Supercut

Gala Day 2020!

by Will Eason

Gala day was a successful and fun day for all staff and students!

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Touch Tournament

by Kate Rowlands

Brooke Mathie (Year 11) and Ella Ross (Year 11) represented Canterbury in Canterbury’s U16 Mixed Touch team, from 13 - 17 February.

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Mana Toroa

by Peggy Toombs

Nau Mai ki te tau hou! This Executive committee has started off strong this year.

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This Year’s Leadership Assembly

by Landen Lewis

This year Riccarton High’s seniors have officially stepped up into leadership roles.

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students at the powhiri (front row seats – a new experience!)

Riccarton International

by Frances Couling

We’re starting off the year with a nice, round total of 50 international students - here for both long and short term enrolment programmes.

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Grace McConnell and
Eva Franicevic.

Riccarton Rowing

by Angus Gourlay

Grace McConnell (Year 11) and Eva Franicevic (Year 11) have taken to the water this summer by getting involved in rowing.

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KKG Whanau Class: Elijah, Briana, Emma, Ozaer, Jubaer, Alex and Connor.

Kohanga Ako

by Annie King

In KKG (Ms King) there are five new students. One girl, Briana, and four boys; Alex, Connor, Ozaer and Jubaer (identical twins).

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2019 NCEA Scholarship examinations

by Elliott Campbell

Congratulations to the following students on their successful results in the 2019 NCEA Scholarship examinations:

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Textbook Amnesty

by June Milne

Any textbooks that are no longer being used can be returned to the main office, no questions asked.

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Winter uniform

Second-hand uniform sale

by Susan Bennett

The PTA will hold a pop-up Second Hand clothing sale on Thursday 19th March from 3:00-4:00pm,in the office foyer.

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Dropping off in the school grounds is not permitted

by RHS

We specifically ask that parents do not use the Main South Road driveway and the library carpark as a drop-off or pick-up point, or drive onto the school grounds through the main gate (entered from Vicki Street).

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