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Tui Motu InterIslands Magazine

Tui Motu InterIslands Issue 248 May 2020

Enjoy this 248th issue of Tui Motu Magazine. Because of restrictions in New Zealand we have been unable to make print copies this month. You are welcome to share with whomever might enjoy it.  


Cover: Tui Motu Magazine. Issue 248 May 2020

EDITORIAL: Life After Lockdown

by Ann Gilroy

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COLUMN: Live This Time with Decency

by Jack Derwin

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Looking Out and In — May 2020

by Kaaren Mathias

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Anzac Day 2020 commemorative shrine in Motueka. 

COLUMN: Cross Currents

by Susan Smith

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ARTICLE: Developing Our Conscience

by Neil Darragh

Neil Darragh discusses the need to develop our conscience in order to make informed personal and collective moral decisions.

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Sculpture of Julian of Norwich on exterior West Porch of Norwich Cathedral.

ARTICLE: All Manner of Things Will Be Well

by Greg Marcar

Greg Marcar offers us encouragement to notice new theological insights evolving during this time of pandemic.

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ARTICLE: Not the Same Again

by Elizabeth Mackie

Elizabeth Mackie encourages us to think about the world we'd like to live in post COVID-19.

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ARTICLE: Tree Planting for Life

by Bruce Drysdale

Bruce Drysdale describes his street's participation in tree planting.

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ARTICLE: Choose Well as Life is Sacred

by Zain Ali

Zain Ali discusses how to weigh questions when making a moral decision about life in the Islamic tradition.

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ARTICLE: Being Ready to Go

by Alofa Lale

Alofa Lale reflects on her parents' last months and their deaths.

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ARTICLE: Learning from COVID-19 the Value of Every Life

by John Kleinsman

John Kleinsman writes how our experience of lockdown to prevent COVID-19-causing illness and death could inform our decision-making around euthanasia.

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ARTICLE: Choosing Life After Loss

by Katrin Eickhorst

Katrin Eickhorst shares how she became involved with Seasons for Growth, an educational programme to assist in recovering from loss and grief.

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Sculpture of St Mary MacKillop at Melbourne General Cemetery

ARTICLE: Prayer and Living Fully

by Audrea Warner

Audrea Warner shares her journey with illness and the influence healing has had on her life.

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COMMENT: Lockdown Is Like a Retreat

by Wendy Ward

Wendy Ward compares the opportunities of lockdown and those of a retreat.

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POEM: Courage

by Aleisha Keating

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POEM: Tell How it Happened

by Christine Kelly

John 20:10-18

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POEM: The Question

by Mike Fitzsimons

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COMMENT: Living in Lockdown

by Shanti Mathias & Shar Mathias

Shanti and Shar Mathias each reflect on living in lockdown with its challenges and ordinariness.

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COMMENT: Grace and Peace Can Transform our Fear

by Peter Matheson

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Te Tuarangi

COMMENT: Time to Make All Things New

by Peter Healy

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COMMENT: Kindness Is Practising Love

by Jacqui Ryan

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I Am with You on the Way — John 14:1-21

by Kathleen Rushton

Kathleen Rushton reflects on Jesus’s farewell address in John 14:1-21 in light our challenges in this time of COVID-19.

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SCRIPTURE: I Am Sending You

by Elaine Wainwright

Elaine Wainwright suggests how the readings for Pentecost Sunday can encourage us to work together for Earth in this COVID-19 world.

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Cover: Breathed into Wholeness

BOOK REVIEW: Breathed into Wholeness: Catholicity and Life in the Spirit

by Regina Daly

By Mary Frohlich. Published by Orbis Books, 2019. Reviewed by Regina Daly

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Cover: To Speak the Truth in Love 

BOOK REVIEW: To Speak the Truth in Love: A Biography of Theresa Kane, RSM

by Elizabeth Julian

By Christine Schenk. Published by Orbis Books, 2019. Reviewed by Elizabeth Julian

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Cover: A Maze of Grace

BOOK REVIEW: A Maze of Grace

by Emma Melville Riddell

By Natalie Yule Yeoman. Published by Cuba Press Limited, 2019. Reviewed by Emma Melville Riddell

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Cover: A Living Gospel

BOOK REVIEW: A Living Gospel: Reading God’s Story in Holy Lives

by Teresa NcNamara

By Robert Ellsberg. Published by Orbis Books, 2019. Reviewed by Teresa McNamara

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Video: Lucky - Official Trailer


by Paul Sorrell

Directed by John Carroll Lynch. Reviewed by Paul Sorrell

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Blessing for this Time of Covid-19

by Tui Motu Team

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