25 May 2023

Tomorrow we will be hosting a "You Be You" day, which is a celebration of our ORCA values.

During this event, we will honor and appreciate our individuality and embrace our differences.
    by Wgp School

Several parents have been asking if we are going to have a Pink Shirt Day for anti bullying.

At Whangaparāoa School, we have zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour in any way, shape, or form. We dedicate a significant amount of time to discussing with our students the importance of being outstanding citizens, emphasizing the behaviors and values that contribute to this goal.

We kindly request our students dress in something that reflects their passions or wear clothing that they genuinely enjoy (provided it is appropriate). For instance, they may choose to wear their favourite t-shirt, jersey, cap, socks, or even don pink shirts if they wish.  There is no donation required to participate in this event.