CPPA Executive Pānui, Feb 10, 2023

Nau mai Haere mai!

Nau mai Haere mai! Welcome to the start of the 2023 school year.
    by Sandy Hastings

I would like to begin by acknowledging the very tough times being faced by our colleagues in Auckland and Northland as the school year starts. Having been through our own share of natural disasters, we can deeply empathise with the challenges that they must be facing. I have reached out to offer our support to the Auckland Principals Association President and will let you know if suggestions of practical support we can offer are given. In the meantime, if you have direct contacts with teachers or principals in schools that have been impacted, I encourage you to offer your support through whatever creative ways you can - messages, cards from children, videos, etc. We know how much difference these made when they were received by us, and our staff and tamariki during our challenges here in Canterbury.

Lots of important information in the articles below. Please make sure you vote in the election. Voting is open now. The CPPA exists for you, and having a strong and committed team on the Executive is how the CPPA has grown to be one of the strongest and most cohesive principal groups in the country.

We are welcoming new colleagues (see the detailed article about individual changes) - you know the drill - pick up the phone and make sure they have your number to call - drop them in a coffeee and introduce yourself...

Shane has put an article together with events and dates - get these into your calendar now.

Make sure you can log into the CPPA members portal on the website and access our event booking system and other information.

Our collective agreement is currently being negotiated... whether you if you are with PPCB or NZEI, you need to engage with the offers and make sure you have your say by voting and giving feedback.

It's also an election year, so now is the time for principals to have a voice and to let our prospective government leaders know what we need going forward.

Regardless of whether you are in Week 2 of principalship, or have many years of experience, the start of a new school year will likely be exciting, challenging, busy, stressful, frustrating, exhilarating and an enormous amount of work. Start the way you mean to continue... look after your wellbeing as this is a marathon - not a sprint. The end of the year is a long way off and we need to make it there as healthy and whole beings, who can still be strong leaders. We can only do that by supporting one another, and by putting boundaries around what we do each day.

Remember that our CPPA Mentors are available if you need support. You can find their contact details on our website.

You are the reason CPPA exists. You are the CPPA. Tell us what you need, and your Exec will do their best to support you in your leadership.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our first Hauora event of the year next Thursday 16th Feb from 3:30pm at the Airport Commodore Hotel.

Ngā mihi nui

Sandy Hastings - President