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Touchstone September 2022

Thank you to those readers and parishes who responded to the online survey regarding the future of Touchstone. The Methodist Publishing Board met in August to discuss the feedback. Overall comments were positive and we were heartened by the clear mandate for Touchstone to continue. We understand we have mahi ahead to maintain and extend online links to attract a greater number of people to access the publication online.

At present the email notifying presbyters and parishes that Touchstone is available online is distributed to around 1,100 key Connexional people. This electronic mailout does not extend to all the people within parishes and congregations who might be interested in reading Touchstone online. I ask that you forward the link to congregations and individuals who might appreciate the notice and access to the direct link to each monthly edition.

We will be having ongoing discussions about how we move to a subscription model that reflects the true cost of production. A reduction to six issues per annum is likely. As we mull over options to modify the way we create and deliver content, I hope that you will continue to support our efforts by sharing Touchstone with friends and whanau who will enjoy the content. 


Face painting was a highlight at Darfield Children's Day celebration

Let the Children Live | Tukuna ngā Mokopuna kia puawai

by Ady Shannon, Editor Touchstone

Wrapping up a Decade of Child-focussed Initiatives

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Celebrating a Century in Remuera

by Jay Venables

St Paul’s Methodist Church, Remuera, Auckland, will celebrate its centenary on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November 2022.

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Enid Dawson 

Enid Dawson Turns 100

by Rev Marilyn Welch

In July Enid Dawson celebrated her 100th birthday with her family and close friends.

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Rev Andrew Doubleday

Threading the Needle

by President Andrew Doubleday

The decennial Lambeth Conference where Anglican Bishops from all over the globe gathered has recently concluded.

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by Laurie Michie

At the time of writing, Covid protesters continue claiming their personal right to be free from government mandates that have saved lives.

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Ian Harris


by Ian Harris

Is the golden age of western democracy drawing to a close? American liberal philosopher Richard Rorty feared it might be. And there are disturbing signs he may be right, both on his world canvas and in events close to home.

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The Situation in Israel

by Gary Clover, Richmond, Nelson

I am seriously disturbed that the two US churches (Touchstone, August 2022) have swallowed whole, without fair, detailed analyses of the actual situation on the ground, BDS’s and human rights groups’ depictions of Israel as an “apartheid state”.

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Secular and Sacred

by Ian Harris, Wellington

May I correct Ian Hood’s statement in the August Touchstone that I “sympathise with the scientism viewpoint that only science can provide truth about the world and reality”.

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Siaola, Vahefonua Tonga's Methodist Mission,
has been helping families who are isolating. The service continues. 

Covid Tyiptych

by Dr Tralee Sugrue

Dr Tralee Sugrue shares this haiku created for the Royal NZ College of GPs Scientific Conference poetry competition.

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Sinoti Samoa Taking Action for the Planet

by Fa'amoetauloa Isaia

“Ua ai ulu tuana’i taisi” “When eating breadfruit, taro is forgotten.”

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Pacifica the Musical

by Michael Lemanu

Pacifica the Musical is the world’s first ever Pasifika musical to headline at the Civic Theatre in Auckland. A story told in contemporary Auckland, Pacifica is interwoven with the rich history of Pasifika culture and tradition and expressed through well-known classic NZ music, dance and home-grown talent.

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The AutoMatic80s frontman Justin Maclaren performing live at an indoor venue in Christchurch in August. 

Conference and Covid-19

by Trudy Downes

I got Covid-19 just eight days after writing my last article about wearing facemasks.

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Flyer promoting a 1993 event celebrating the life of Annie Schnackenberg, courtesy of Methodist Church of NZ Archives. 

A Methodist Woman of Fortitude and Substance

by Dianne Claughton

Annie Jane Schnackenberg was a social and political activist who drew on her Methodist values to support the lives of women and children in Aotearoa. Among Methodist women whose Christian concern has led them to social and political action, Annie was outstanding.

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Feed me Seymour

by UCANZ Executive Officer Rev Geraldine Coats

Our children were always involved in school shows. One of the most memorable for me was The Little Shop of Horrors

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Finding Hope in a Changing World

by Rev Rob Ferguson

I heard recently that some folks are announcing their intention to make the country ungovernable.

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Motekiai fakatou

The Penalty of the Man who Never Noticed

by Rev Motekiai Fakatou

Reflections on Luke 16:19–31

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by CBM

Help cbm Cure River Blindness

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Ruby Manukia-Schaumkel

Truancy a Challenge

by Ruby Manukia-Schaumkel Legal Advisor

The word truancy is not officially used by the Ministry of Education, but non-attendance at school and non-enrolment is high. The truancy issue is complex and there are many factors causing it.

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L-R: Kelly, Kaiako/Teacher; Bridget, Whānau Support Worker; Aratupu parent and tamariki

A Day in the Life of …

by Carol Barron, National Coordinator Methodist Alliance

Aratupu Preschool and Whānau Hub is an early childhood education centre located in Papanui, Christchurch, next to WesleyCare, Christchurch Methodist Mission’s residential eldercare facility. Aratupu serves a diverse community from the wider Christchurch area. Bridget Swan is the Whānau Support Worker at Aratupu. Her role is to support a holistic approach to the wellbeing of children and their families. Bridget shares a bit about the role she started six months ago.

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The cover page of the Order of Service.

Koroneihana Tuangahuru Mā Ono

by Rev Dr Arapera Ngaha

I te Rātapu rua tekau mā tahi o Akuhata, i haere ahau ki te Rā Koroneihana o Kīngi Tūheitia Pōtatau Te Wherowhero Te Tuawhitu, kei Turangawaewae marae, i Ngaruawahia. “Waikato taniwha rau, he piko he taniwha, he piko he taniwha.” I ngā tau e rua ki muri, kāhore te iwi i tae a tinana mai ki te whakanui i tō tātou Kīngi Māori. Nā te Kowheori-19 te take.

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Family Prayers - He Inoi Mō Te Whānau

He Inoi Mō Te Whānau

by .

Sourced from ‘Nga Inoi’ circa 1960s for family prayers. Revised 2022 by Te Taha Māori members.

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Celebrating Lay Preachers

by Lyn Price

On 21 August a combined parish service at St Marks–Wesley Uniting Church, Lower Hutt, celebrated Lay Preachers’ Sunday. Lyn Price, Hutt City Uniting Congregations (H.C.U.C.) Lay Preachers’ Convenor, reports on the service that recognised the contribution of all lay preachers.

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Dave Poswillo (left) Barrie Parker (centre) and Judith Fisher (right) were recognised for their commitment and dedication to music in the Blenheim region.

Making Music in Blenheim

by .

On Sunday 31 July the Wesley Centre, Blenheim congregation was joined by the St Andrews Presbyterian Church congregation in a combined service to celebrate three musicians who have been making music for a total of 138 years.

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Ask Aunty

Aunty Answers Your Questions

by Aunty

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Kidz Korna

by Doreen Lennox

We hear a lot about climate change and global warming so what can children do to help reduce the amount of carbon in air?

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Dr Bernard Sabella and Ben Fraser from Act for
Peace look over East Jerusalem from the rooftop of the Sabella home after a
meeting with international partners.  

World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

by CWS

Christian World Service encourages churches and individuals to join the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel, to be observed 15 – 22 September.

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Speak Out For Justice

by CWS

When the Ekta team arrives, a ripple of excitement spreads through a rural village in Tamil Nadu, South India. Most of the Dalit and Tribal children know they will be allowed time off from their chores to attend the Speak Out programme. The Ekta team welcomes the opportunity to play games and teach them life skills that will guide them in an uncertain future.

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Film review The Quiet Girl

by Rev Dr Steve Taylor

The Quiet Girl rewards but requires considerable patience.

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Tikanga: An Introduction to te ao Māori

by John Meredith

A review of a book by Keri Opai, published by Upstart Press, Takapuna, 2021. 190 pages. John Meredith wrote this review was written prior to his death earlier this year.

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Awhi Mai Awhi Atu: Women in Creation Care

by Garth Cant

A review of a book by Silvia Purdie, published by Philip Garside Publishing. 2022. 342 pages. Reviewed by Garth Cant.

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Mission House

Methodist / Wesleyan Influencers

by Ian Faulkner, President Wesley Historical Society

The effect of influencers in our contemporary political and social world is very clear. Wikipedia posts that influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers, people and organisations who have a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.

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A.B. Chappell  1872 – 1942

The Best of Both Worlds

by Rev Donald Phillipps

A.B. Chappell 1872 – 1942

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(L to R) Janice Walters-Auva'a (Helen Kim), Olive Tanielu (South Pacific Area President) & Sharlene Malaeimi (Bossey Scholarship)

WFMUCW 14th World Assembly 2022 Goes Global Virtually

by Tuituivao Salevao – President, NZMWF

Theme for 2022 to 2026: Go and Bear Fruit – Fruit that will last

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Janice Walters-Auva'a

National Executive profile - Janice Walters-Auva’a


Helen Kim Scholarship recipient and Missions Convenor NZMWF Executive

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Tanielu, centre, with the New Zealand Methodist Women’s Executive team

Sinoti Samoa

by Sinoti Samoa

On Sunday evening 14 August our New Zealand Methodist Women’s Executive team kindly hosted the commissioning of our very own Olive Tanielu, as the newly appointed South Pacific Area President.

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Na Bula ni Cola Kauveilatai

by Nai Lalakai

Lesoni Luke 14:25-33 t27 Ia ko koya talega e na sega ni colata nona Kauveilatai ka muri au sa sega ni rawa me noqu Tisaipeli.

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Vaccination: One of the Vahefonua Vax centres in
Mangere, Auckland earlier in the year. 

Kuo Holo e Mofele ‘a e Koviti-19 Ka Ke Tau Kei Tokanga Pe: Kau Toketā

by Fai ‘e Felonitesi Manukia

Ko e lava eni e ta’u kakato e taha talu mei he tu’uta e peau hono ua ‘o e mahaki Koviti-19 ‘i ‘Aokosi ‘o e ta’u kuo’osi, ‘a ia ko e liuanga Delta.

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Siaola, Vahefonua Tonga's Methodist Mission,
has been helping families who are isolating. The service continues.

Ko e Fakatokanga ‘a e Kau Toketā Ki He ’Etau Hokoatu mo e Koviti

by Fai ‘e Felonitesi Manukia

Tau kei tokanga pe. ‘Oku tau ‘i he tu’unga fakafiemālie, ka ko e fakatokanga ia ‘a e kau toketā ki he hokoatu ‘etau fononga mo e mahaki faka’auha ko e Koviti-19.

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Professionally managed investment funds

by Methodist Trust Association

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Social service work support

by Methodist Alliance

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Opawa Church

Opawa Methodist Church

by Opawa Methodist Church

125th Anniversary

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Insurance Claims in Action

by Wendy Anderson & Trudy Downes

Thursday 22 September 2022 5pm - 6pm

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