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Trinity Catholic College

Issue 7 2019

15-16 March: Otago Secondary Schools Athletics

20 March: Years 12 & 13 Otago Polytechnic Liaison Day

25-30 March: Summer Tournament Week

25 March: Otago Anniversary Day, school closed

27 March: Years 12 & 13 University Liaison Day

29-31 March: South Island Secondary Schools Athletics in Nelson

1-5 April: Year 10 Maori Leadership Camp

4 April: Parent/Teacher interviews for surnames beginning A-L

7-8 April: Southern Catholic Schools Sport Tournament

10 April: Parent/Teacher interviews for surnames beginning M-Z

11 April: Year 12 PED Bowls Trip

13 April: End of Term 1


Assistant Principal's Message

by Mike Campbell

Greetings one and all

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Strike for Climate Rally

by Senior Management

For those attending the rally tomorrow please see below for details

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Parent - Teacher Interviews

by Steve Read

Parent Interviews will be held on Thursday 4th April and Wednesday 10th April in the school Gymnasium.

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Board of Trustees Elections

by Trevor Thomson

Important Message from the Board of Trustees

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Year 13 Geography Trip

by Sue Roberts-Blyth

Year 13 Geographers went on a field trip on Tuesday March 12th .

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Anniversary Day

by Maria Menzies

Otago Anniversary Day is on Monday 25 March. School will be closed.

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Outstanding Musical Achievement

by Katrina Kerr-Bell

Sebastian Hook- one who really can blow his own trumpet!

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Rosa Latton - Selected for Regional Debating Development Squad

Regional Debating Development Squad Selection

by Maggie McGarry

Rosa Latton gains success at the Otago-Southland Debating Regionals through being selected for the development squad

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students learning in classroom

Attitudes to Learning aka Snapshot 2 as been published

by staff

Details of how to access are given below.

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Year 12/13 Textiles Wearable Arts trip to Wellington 2019

by Sue Robinson

Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser

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New uniform items for sale

by Anita Van den Beld

Navy 3/4 tights $30.00, Navy spandex shorts $25.00, Kavanagh College winter scarf $35.00

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Otago Secondary School Futsal Competition

by Anita Van den Beld

A couple of images from the two Kavanagh teams that competed in the Otago Futsal Competition held at the Edgar Centre last week

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The first XI football team talking tactics by there Coach Mr Adamson at the Recently held Southern Catholic schools tournament.

Year 7 and 8 Winter Sports Registration Form 2019

by Anita Van den Beld

Please fill out the form below to register for Winter Sports. Every Year 7 and 8 student has been emailed this form to complete with the permission of their parent/caregiver. Registrations close on Friday the 29th of March.

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Student Coach Workshop 7th March

by Savannah Laws

On Thursday, I and seven other senior students went to the Edgar Centre and participated in a student coach workshop

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Y7 PE lesson netball sport

Winter sport Registration Form 2019

by Michael MacKenzie

Below is the link for parents/caregivers to register for Winter sport for 2019

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Kavanagh Basketball

Three Kavanagh Players Named In Extended Gold Rush Squad

by Michael MacKenzie

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