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School Newsletter: Issue 3, 2021

School Newsletter • Issue 3

13 May 2021


13 May: Little learners at 1.30pm

21 May: Bookclub orders due

28 May: Full School Assembly

31 May: Board of Trustees meeting at 7pm

7 June: Queens Birthday - school closed


28-29 June: Parent-teacher midyear interviews

2 July: School Disco from 6.30pm


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Term 2 up and running

by Chris Smith

Welcome to the first of our cooler terms, supposedly.

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Memorabilia Pavers

by Admin

Would you like to leave your mark on Wakari?

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Safety First

Common Sense - where has it gone?

by Admin

Keeping our kids safe on the road is extremely important.

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Look who visited the Room 4 & 5 Hub!

by Heather Bonney

The Room 4 & 5 Hub thinkers have been learning about Keeping Ourselves Safe. This week we were pleased to welcome Constable Ross Greer into our Hub to learn more about this important topic and....what would we do if we got lost?

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The Senior Hub are learning about Keeping Ourselves Safe.

by Anna Ollerenshaw

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Groovy Glasses in Room 10 and 11!

by Lucy Newton

We have been getting super creative in the hub...

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Beebots are on the move!

by Deborah Storer

Hub 2/3 have just started to learn how to programme a simple robot called a Beebot.

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Room 8's Balloon Dog Art

by Katy Fitzgerald

Here are Room 8's artworks based on Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog sculpture.

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Video: IMG 6693

Singing and dancing in the Rooms 4 and 5 Hub.

by Anna Lawson

The children in the Rooms 4 and 5 Hub have been loving their weekly singing sessions with Mrs Gribben.

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Hub 12/13 get creative making accessories on the 3D printer

by Lisa Lowden

This term the Middles PBL focus is on Wearable Arts. We have started our topic off by learning how to use Tinkercad and designing and creating badges. We then printed them on the two 3D printers we have in our Hub. We also designed and made some funky glasses.

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Hub 10 and 11's Newspaper Costume Challenge !

by Lynda Bardwell

We had a fabulous time during the first week back at school when we began learning about our PBL topic for Term 2 which is Wakari's World of Wearable Art!

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Teacher Exchange - Next Week

by Chris Smith

Building relationships across the school.

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Gymnastics In Hub 2/3

by Judith Stanbridge

This term we are practising our balancing and rotation skills.

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A great start to Term 2 in Room 6!

by Alisha DeCourcy

We have had an awesome start to Term 2 in Room 6. We have been lucky to have Mr Holloway in our class for 2 weeks. He read us a story about how great it is to be unique and we wrote some poems about what is special about ourselves. Here are some of the poems we wrote.

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Wanted - Wearable arts bits and pieces

by Lisa Lowden

This term the Middle Syndicate are putting together Wearable Arts costumes for an up coming show.

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Year 3 players needed!


Kaikorai Year 3 Black Tackle Team is looking for more players!

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Pink Shirt Day!

by Chloe Barton

Join us on Friday 21st of May by celebrating Pink Shirt Day!

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Karate Classes

by Karate Club

Karate classes available for 7-11 year olds

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After School Science Club

by Otago Musuem

Otago Museum introduces an after school science club.

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Enviroschools Update - Term 2

by DCC Enviroschools

Read the attached article on the latest enviro news.

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Teddy Bear Hospital

by Otago Medical and Dental Students

Saturday 15 May

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Skool Loop App

by Admin

Are you using the Skool Loop app?

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Group Fitness Training at Wakari

by Lizzi Diehl

Are you struggling to get fit by yourself? Perhaps a group fitness session is for you!

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Emergency Numbers

New Non-Emergency Number

by NZ Police

Call 105 for all non-emergency calls.

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Contact info

Updated Contact Information

by Admin

Do we have your up to date contact information?

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Will your child be absent from school?

by Admin

Below is the process to follow if your child will be absent from school:

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AM I FIT Group Fitness Training


We are the best in the business for providing the fun and friendly fitness training environment you need.

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Tania Porteoius

Tania Porteous – One Agency Dunedin

by One Agency Dunedin

Tania is one of our fantastic sponsors of the newsletter. Please support Tania and the team at One Agency.

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Hair for You

Hair for You

by Hair for You

Hair for You has been a loyal sponsor of Wakari School since August 2009.

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