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Grammar Notes - 8 May 2018

Grammar Notes - Issue 6, Term II, Week II

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 9 May:
Y5 CCC Recycling Centre Field Trip
Pre-School Gymnastics

Thursday 10 May:
Pre-School & Junior School Percussion Show
Y7G Trip to the Canterbury Museum

Friday 11 May:
Pre-School Mother's Day Morning Tea

Saturday 12 May:
Choristers' Fundraiser - Mother's Day High Tea

Tuesday 15 May:
Open Day

Wednesday 16 May:
Independent Zone Netball Trials, Selwyn House

Friday 18 May:
Pink Shirt Day
Y4 Trip to the Museum
Friday Primary Schools' Winter Sport commences

Monday 21 May:
Independent Zone Cross Country

If you have any questions or submissions for future issues please just get in touch - we would love to hear from you.



The Cathedral Grammar School Field of Remembrance

by Ms Brigit McCormack

On Monday of Week I the J2 classes and the girls of Y7 got together to do some collaborative work on the significance of ANZAC Day. This was a great way to follow up on the wonderful Chapel Service that morning.

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From the Principal's Desk

by Mr Scott Thelning

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Virtue of the Week - Integrity

Creating Moral Citizens - Virtue of the Week is: Integrity

by Virtue of the Week

What is Integrity?

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General Notices

by CGS

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2018 Cross-country

by CGS

A huge thank you to all our runners at our Cross-country today. It was a wonderful afternoon and congratulations to all finishers. (photos to come)

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An Evening of Dance, Speech & Movement


by Mrs Sarah Lowe

The Cathedral Grammar School Concert Series

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by Ms Libby Avery

Term 2 has “kicked off” in the Pre-School and what a term of exciting events the teachers have got planned for all the tamariki.

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Autumn has arrived

by Ms Libby Avery

Just in case you haven't noticed all the leaves in Chester Street - Autumn is here!!!

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Sign Language Week

by Ms Libby Avery

Sign Language is New Zealand's third offical language, after English and Te Reo Maori.

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Junior School

by Simone Whalley

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Training to be a Year 8 leader

Girls' & Boys' Prep School

by Mr Simon Lean-Massey & Ms Brigit McCormack

Term II is off to a smashing start!

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Year 7 Camp - Castle Hill

by Ms Brigit McCormack & Mrs Shelley Haworth

The Y7’s had a dream start to Term II with their Outdoor Education Camp at Castle Hill.

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World Vision 40 Hour Famine Leadership Day 2018

2018 World Vision 40 Hour Famine Leadership Day

by Mrs Amanda Botting

Senior students Joseph, Angus, Beth and Eloise attended a one day workshop on global inequality and how leadership with purpose can make a difference.

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"Treehouse" Lovers

by Sandy Hubers

Andy Griffiths, author of the Treehouse books, is back, and this time he’s brought his pal, illustrator Terry Denton!

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Friends' Asscociation

by Mrs Nicky Oram

Term II - Upcoming Events.

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