Term 3 Connect Magazine 2022

Service - Primary School

    by KingsWay School

In Years 5 and 6 we empower servant leadership in our young students to become actively involved in outworking services around the school. This year, students were guided by our school motto, “Servant Leaders are people of Godly character who are willing to act on what they believe.”

Each Year 5 class serves our school community daily. At the end of the school day our environmental committee ensure our bins are emptied and outside areas of the school are clean and tidy. They deliver the daily lunch orders to our hungry students timeously. They also help by assisting in our new entrant classrooms.

Our Year 6 students support our Year 2 reading program by listening to the younger students read aloud after lunchtime. This connection is important as it builds community and affirms the younger students. This peer support is incidental but very meaningful.

These daily service leadership experiences are positive so our Year 5 and 6 students can see the value they impart on those around them.

Pam Birley